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"My work as an artist is an expression of my existence, I am a survivor of the survivors"

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Ben Pease in his Billings studio, 2020. Photo By Shelby Means

Ashdúuptàako Ishtaxíialúuchish (Steals The Guns From Two Enemy Camps)

Ben Pease was born in Missoula, MT, in 1989. Paternally, Pease is enrolled with the Northern Cheyenne Tribe. He is a member of the Crow Indian Reservation's Valley of the Chiefs District and grew up in Lodge Grass, MT. He belongs to the Newly Made Lodge Clan and is a child of Newly Made Lodge. Ben is also a Night Hawks Dance Society member, Sweat-Lodge ceremony owner, holder of ancestral medicine paint, sponsor of Sundance, Sundancer, and War-Dancer, and has led the Dance of Seasons three times.
Ben has exhibited his work worldwide in Germany, Brazil, Italy, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. In addition, his work has been widely recognized in various magazines, books, online publications, social media platforms, and news affiliates.

In 2022 Pease was awarded the Executive Editor's Choice Award from the Western Art Collector Magazine in conjunction with the C.M. Russell Museum.

In March of 2023, the New York Historical Society Museum opened the major exhibition Nature, Crisis, Consequence featuring a masterwork from Pease alongside a seminal work from Albert Bierstadt. The Pease studio is downtown in Billings, MT, and is open by appointment only.

Ben, his family reside in Billings, MT.

Follow the Artist on Instagram at @ben____pease,

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