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"A Keeper of Legacy"

60"x48"x1.5" (2017)

Acrylic, India Ink, digital painting print on platine fibre rag, on 1896 Bozeman receipts, on canvas.


Featuring Crow dignitary Wolf. who was well known for his war deeds during the tribal plains warfare era. Also known to continue advocating for his people into the transitionary period into the assimilation of a new culture. The crosses in the background of the painting are a multi-faceted reference as cultural anchor points. Representing those casulties both distinguished in battle, and those lost. These crosses also stand for the 4 directions, which are highly revered in every culture across the world. Along with the obvious reference of imposed beliefs of christianity. 


This Work is also available for purchase at The Stapleton Gallery of Billings, MT.

"A Keeper of Legacy"


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