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"Ya'll Can't Kill My Vibe"
36"x48"x1.5" (2016)

Acrylic, India Ink, Digital painting print on platine fibre rag on antique 1896 Montana ledger paper on canvas


When mainstream society thinks Native American, they think "Redman", "Indian", "Redskin", "Noble Savage"....Me

Here is featured a juxtapostion of culture & stereotype. In the foreground, My Great-Great Grandfather a Crow Scout under the 7th Cavalry of the U.S. Army before the Battle of the Little Big Horn sitting with Chief Medicine Crow, a well-known warrior/dignitary/delegate of the Apsaalooke People. With these men, sitting, are "Great Big Little Panther, Princess Tiger Lilly, & Peter Pan". 

"Ya'll Can't Kill My Vibe"

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